Food and Beverage

festival tacos


Some people come to the Festival just to sample the food.  And no wonder!  The food court includes delicacies from Mexico, the Philippines, and Latin America as well as standard American fare like pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and peppers, cheese steak, and chicken wings.  All the food is available at reasonable prices. 

Be sure to try the special carnival food including fried Oreos, and  Funnel Cakes.  And don’t forget the homemade desserts from the Sweet Treat Booth!

Soft drinks, CapriSun®, and bottled water are sold at the Soda Trailer.

Coffee and hot chocolate are available at the Sweet Treat Booth.

Or maybe you’d prefer cold beer on tap, or wine or one of our unique wine-based specialty drinks: Margaritas, Rum and Coke, or Vodka and Cranberry.  You’ll find all these adult drinks in the Beer Booth.


Don’t forget to try our fried fish dinners. It was so good last year we sold out!


fried fish