Some of your favorite people may end up in jail during the Festival.  The jail is located in the middle of the Festival grounds so the inmates have plenty of opportunity to plea for bail.

How Do I Get Someone “Jailed”?

Tell one of our sheriffs of the person you want jailed. You will find a sheriff near the jail in the center of the festival. The sheriff will “arrest” that person and place them in “jail.”  When the person in jail raises the small fee charged for “bail”, they will be released.

If you know of anyone who would be willing to participate in this fun and funny fund-raising event, please contact the sheriff at the Festival. The festival sheriff is eager to arrest the person of your choice.

Or if you want to arrange an arrest before the Festival starts, contact Grace Ward (407-733-8181).

Additionally if you are making a bail payment through our online system you may also submit someone for arrest on the same form

How Are “Bail” Fees Raised?

Bail fees are raised by the jailed individual making calls to their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.  Make sure the person you want jailed during the Jail-a-Friend has people they can and would be willing to contact to raise the bail fee.

Additionally “inmates” may send possible payees to the following form.